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The Cruise 4/7

: The Cruise 4/7
Pairing: Alex/Mitchie
Summary: I suck at these so I'll just say that that this is a fanfiction story that I posted there and for those who haven't seen it I'm posting it here. The title explains it all..just try it and you'll like it :)

~Day Four~

Well I don’t know if you’re tired of hearing me say that I’m staring up at the ceiling again, but I am. Why lie to my brain like that? But the good news is..well I actually slept in the room, the bad news is, it made me feel so uncomfortable. Okay so the night was spicy..and I mean getting no where and fast, and by no where I mean…huh this is what happened.

I ran over to the door and watched as Mitchie ran my way, it was funny because her dress continues to rise as she moved, I would of looked longer if her hand hadn’t reached for me. I darted out of her way before running into the room closing the door. That Kelly song began playing again, it skipped a few times so I guess Mitchie cut it off.

“Okay Alex, I quit,” I hear her say, it sounded far off in the distance. I narrowed my eyes at the bed before nodding and opening the door, she came in and almost fell to the floor, but I grabbed her hand and pulled her into me. I held Mitchie’s waist as we walked towards the bed, it was more like I walked into her and she went back. It was weird because Mitchie’s face showed the dried up tears, we fell onto the bed, me on top of her. She was giggling for who know what reason.

“You still look horrible,” I said before rubbing her cheeks.

“Oh stop it,” Mitchie said swatting my hand away before reaching for my face, her lips crashed against mine, this stupid dress was making air blow up my legs causing me to shake a bit. I was trying to hold most of my weight off the girl although we basically weighed the same thing, but I crashed on top of her when her knee brushed against my leg. My breathing almost came in tuned with hers but that would only happy if her mom didn’t knock on the door.

“Mitchie…” she called out as the brunette under me stopped what she was doing, our lips still pressed together, her eyes locked on mine, but no movement what so ever. Her lips pulled back a bit her hands still on my face, me still on top of her and her mom’s knocking still echoing through the suite.

“Mitchie?” Connie called out again before the door knob was turned, I climbed as fast as I could off of the girl and slid my fingers through my hair. Mitchie was pulling down her dress as I stared at her face, it was semi-presentable. I pulled her arm and drug her to the bathroom before wetting a towel and tossing it to her. She pulled it over her face, wiping hard before I placed my fingers through her hair.

“Smooth,” I said before she giggled and quickly came into me pressing out lips together, her wet face sticking to mine a bit.

“Oh I was calling did you not here me?” her mother asked normally before Mitchie nodded.

“I had to um, get ready for bed,” she said as her mom looked at me.

“I was…not getting ready for bed,” I saw Mitchie’s stare at me from the corner of her eye. Smooth move Alex..

“Well I was wondering on what you were doing tomorrow, I mean since the cruise began we haven’t done anything together, except for get that pretty dress you’re in,” she said tugging at the thing.

“Umm, I don’t know, I thought I could hang out with Alex”

“You girls do a lot of that at home, come on”

“Well…” for the first time in the history of since I knew Mitchie she turned to me to ask if she should go. I stared at her and swallowed hard, I almost got lost in her eyes until hr mom spoke.

“You can spend half of the day with me and the other half with Alex, besides I’m sure her mom wants to hang with her as well, and the ship will be turning back to California tomorrow so lets live it up,” her mom sounded weird as Mitchie nodded and her mom came in a pressed her lips against her cheek. “Night darling.”

“Night mom,” Mitchie whispered out before her mom left. We listened for the room door to lock before actually breathing again.

“Um, so…I guess I should get to bed,” I said scratching my head before staring at myself in the mirror. Mitchie nodded as I walked out, but the next thing I knew she was dressed in her long silk night gown in less than a minute, changing from her dress to that was a record breaking thing. I shifted through my suit case for a long t-shirt and some boy shorts before making my way into the bathroom neither one of us used. It still had the towel dolphin on the counter, I unraveled it, just because and reached for my dress zipper on the back. After several minutes of not getting the thing loose I called Mitchie.

“Can you…like pull this stupid thing,” I said pointing to the zipper. Mitchie nodded and stepped behind me, her finger brushing over my back before I took a deep breath trying to block out her touch.

“Wow…this is really stuck, just hold on,” she said as I grabbed the marble sink in front of me. Her knee came into mine, almost making me fall..because I mean her touch was deadly, I went from completely fine to hot ass hell. Her hands dug under the dress, pressing against my skin and the fabric before a loud crackling noise bounced off the walls and my dress fell to the floor. I cupped my chest, before turning towards Mitchie, that was stupid but whatever I did it.

“Oh um sorry,” she whispered staring at me, she didn’t look down. I couldn’t move anymore, I wish my eyes would of pulled away from hers sooner than they did. “I should um..yeah,” she said before stepping back knocking into the door. I smiled at her as she stumbled out, usually I would flash her but for some reason I didn’t want to..weird. I got dressed and walked out of the bathroom holding my dress in my hand before tossing it on the couch. The room door was still open so I turned to see Mitchie staring at me. She was on the foot end of the bed with her legs crossed and her head turned a bit, like a cute puppy.

“What?” I asked as she waved at me.

“Come on, come sleep in here,” she said as I stared at her. This was a trick right?


“Come on,” she said again before getting up and walking my way I was going to actually run again but I was too tired to put up that fight. Mitchie ran her fingers down my arm before meeting my hand.

“You’re creeping me out,” I said as she rolled her eyes and we made it into the room. A small lamp was on so she closed the door and walked over to it. I just walked onto the other side and climbed in the bed, the soft covers rubbing against my skin and Mitchie’s eyes burning into me. She climbed next to me, shutting off the light and sliding onto my right arm. Her hair smelled like vanilla still but the strawberry scent wasn’t there anymore.

“Good night,” Mitchie said pressing her head under my chin before wrapping her arm around my waist.

“N..ight,” I squeaked out.

My entire night was sleepless. I could only think about Mitchie next to me, and sometime around midnight she placed her leg over mine, breathing deep into my neck. I swear if I didn’t know any better I’d think she wasn’t mad at me anymore, oh maybe…

“Mitchie?” I whispered out as the girl shifted into me more. I placed my hand over her face, pulling back lost strings of hair before speaking again. “Are you not mad at me anymore?”

“No,” she groaned out. I nodded before looking back at the ceiling, the clock read nine, I didn’t care, all the morning I would ever need was sleeping next to me.

“Alex, look at this,” I heard my mom call out, and she sounded extremely close. I didn’t even hear the door unlock.

“Mitchie my mom,” I whispered before the girl moaned and opened her eyes a bit. I heard the knob turn so I lifted the cover under my chin and stared at my mom who clicked on the large light.

“Isn’t this cute?”

“No more dresses mom”

“But it’s”

“NO MORE,” I told her as she sighed and nodded before looking around the room.

“Where’s Mitchie?”

“I….I don’t know…maybe she went out”


“It’s a ship”

“So, there could be dangerous people on here that we know nothing about”

“Oh really? Like the laundry man, or the cook?”

“Funny, well get dressed, we have to buy some things for your brothers and dad”

“But I’m tired”

“Now Alex,” my mom said, and I swear I didn’t see her about to pull the cover, she tugged on it until it fell onto the floor, seeing Mitchie wrapped around me.

“….I….I can explain,” I said as my mom raised her eyebrow at me. Mitchie must of felt the chill on her because she stretched and stared at my mom before pushing away from me. She hit the headboard before sitting up.

“…ah…..ah…mhhh,” my mom must have been still shocked until the main door shook.

“Mom?!” Mitchie called out hopping from the bed as my mom tossed the cover back at me. I don’t know how Mitchie did what she did but she was in the bathroom under two seconds flat. My mom was still staring at me as the shower water turned on.

“Is she dressed yet?” Connie asked as my mom shook her head no. “Awesome, five minutes Mitchie,” she said that and walked into the front room flopping on the couch.

“We’re going souvenir shopping, we can talk then, get dressed,” my mom said as I nodded before doing what she said.


The day almost killed me, it was getting late, well three-ish and my mom and I were still shopping and talking…I got tired of it a while back but whatever. I was in a skirt with leggings and a skull shirt with my converse, my hair in a pony-tail and a slushy in my had, blue and red..yum.

“How long have you and Mitchie been sleeping together?”

“What? Mom we didn’t sleep together”

“Oh, so you two were…”

“We were just…this is creepy talking to you,” I cute her off saying before she pointed towards a small café.

“And its creepy when my daughter lies to me”

“How did I lie?”

“You.,.well I thought Mitchie was …. You know distant”

“She was, but then last night…she was kind of, not so much”


“It’s a long story,” I said falling into a café chair before grabbing a menu.

“We have all day”

“You knew Mitchie was a wild sleeper and I just thought that it would be weird to like push her off of me just because you came into the room,” god my lies were horrible.

“Oh, well that would be mean, maybe you girls need your own bed”

“Yeah, maybe,” I said almost laughing to myself, last night, although it was sleepless, was the best night of my life.

“I could always come to that room and Mitchie could share with her mom”

“Uh no, I don’t want to share a bed with you,” I said as the waiter man walked over before staring at us. I bit my bottom lip as my mom ordered. The man walked away as I turned to my mom.

“Well I was just saying, you guys really need to space yourselves, is this cruise making you two closer? That could be a bad idea”

“Umm how should I tell dad?” wow that came out of no where.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean I can’t tell him I like girls like that, what am I suppose to do, walk up to him and say “yo dad I like girls get over it”,” my mom giggled a bit as the waiter man appeared, he must have heard the end of that because her didn’t look at either of us as he handed us our food.

“Well I can help you out a bit, besides you’re his only girl”

“Exactly, as in the only one he really likes anyway, maybe he’ll hate me”

“No…he’ll just be glad a boy will not have deflower you”

“OKAY GROSS, we do not talk about sex like that,” the waiter heard that entire thing and just slid our drinks in front of us before walking away. “Great, now the waiter knows," I said tossing my hands into the air. From a short distance, I saw Mitchie and her mom at a shop across the way. My mom was talking to me and eating but my eyes stayed on the brunette. She was wearing a dress to her knees, another sundress I guess, all yellow this time with flip-flops. My toes tingled before that feeling crept up my leg hitting every spot in between until it made me shake a bit.

“You okay?” my mom asked as I nodded not turning her way. Mitchie laughed at her mom before pushing her into the store, not following, instead she leaned onto the glass, picking her fingers. Her hair brushed across her face, her lips were a bit red, maybe she was biting on them again. I bit my own lip before placing my elbow on the table and staring at her, my face sitting in my palm as Mitchie looked up. My heart skipped a beat as her eyes shifted past mine before coming back. A smile crept over her face before it came to mine. She grabbed her hair that was blowing and pushed it behind her ear, everything was moving so slow to me, she giggled before looking down and I swear I heard it.

“Alex eat,” my mom said poking my arm with her fork, I waved her away as Mitchie stood up seeing as her mom came back out of the store. They began walking away, I frowned a bit until Mitchie kissed her hand and blew it at me, I reached out for it before falling on the ground.

“Will you ever stop falling?” my mom must have saw Mitchie because she sighed when I got up.

“You have fallen hard for this girl huh sweetie?”

“In so many ways, but the physical part hurts,” I said rubbing my knees. Mitchie was gone and my mom was still shaking her head. “Well at least I have a kiss in my pocket” I laughed before my mom turned her head a bit.

“Have you girls kissed?”

“What? Mom”

“I just want to know”

“CHECK PLEASE,” I screamed before biting into my sandwich. My mom stared at me before pushing what she just asked out of her head and eating once more.


“Okay this is your time,” my mom said as I nodded and ran on deck as she slowly walked her way up. I was heading to the room when a hand stopped me.


“Umm..hi Michelle”

“I haven’t seen you all day”

“Yeah I was shopping and stuff with my mom,” I said taking in Michelle’s scent of lavender. She wore some tight jeans with flip-flops and a dark baby doll top.

“Oh, thanks for the dance last night, I really liked it, you’re an awesome dancer”

“Thanks, you too”

“So do you think we could hang out tonight, the movie theater in town has a late show, I think it starts at ten”

“I can’t”

“Oh,” her eyes dropped down before I sighed. I wasn’t going to get sucked in again.

“Its just, I have other stuff to do, I’m still hanging with my mom and stuff”

“Oh well I’d love to hang with you guys,” her eyes met mine, I licked my lips before looking away. I saw Mitchie walking towards us before I turned to Michelle.

“Hey Alex…umm I forgot your name what was it?” Mitchie asked. I knew it was her jealous voice because I heard it so many times before.

“Michelle,” the girl said extending her arm to Mitchie.

“Nice,” she relied not taking it but turning to me. “Alex we should totally see that late movie”

“Oh she can’t she’s hanging with her mom all night,” Michelle answered as Mitchie nodded.


“Um, no I think I…we should go,” I grabbed Mitchie’s hand before tugging her away. We walked a few feet before I let her go.

“You’re still with you mom”

“No, I just told her that”


“….I don’t think I should tell the truth”

“Alex…I won’t get mad”

“Yeah, that sounds like a trick”


“Huh, Michelle wanted to go to the show but I told her I was hanging with my mom”

“You lied?”

“Kind of”


“I just didn’t want to hurt her feelings”

“Why be nice?” Mitchie turned to the girl, I did the same and she was still starring at us.

“Mitchie stop acting….”

“Acting what?”

“Never mind, we should go to the show”

“Lets invite Michelle”

“What? Why?” I whined as she moved away from me. I stomped my foot but she kept walking over

“Alex and I decided that you could totally go to the show with us, if you wanted,” I heard the brunette say before I hit my forehead and met back up with the girls. Michelle was smiling brightly as I eyed Mitchie.

“I’d love to, I’ll meet you guys at your room,” Michelle said before we nodded and she walked away. I turned to Mitchie without a word before she grabbed my hand and dragged me away.


“You should wear this its cute,” Mitchie was going through my suitcase pulling out different items, a few pair of pants I managed to sneak past my mom radar and some shorts and other skirts. Mitchie happened to pull up a short skirt and a top that matched before tossing them at me.

“I’m not wearing this, it’s going to be cold,” I complained.

“But its cute”

“Are you doing this for a reason?”

“What do you ever mean?”

“Look if this is to like…get back or do something to Michelle then I won’t be a part of it”

“What ARE you talking about?” Mitchie’s eye brow raised as I stared at her.

“I’m a big girl, I’ll pick out my own clothes, besides you were the one who invited her, so don’t get mad if she hits on me,” I said pulling a pair of jeans into my hands.

“So she does like you?”

“I don’t know, I haven’t had a gaydar that long and I just think she acts a bit like you”

“How do I act?” Mitchie asked curiously before I placed my hand on my hip to do a poor imitation of her while walking around the room and raising my voice a bit.

“I like that outfit, that’s hot, can you walk with me on deck…oooo,” next thing I knew clothes began flying at me. Mitchie was laughing and I ducked away picking through other things she tossed. “This is cute…AND CLEAN…Mitchie stop,” I yelled but she kept on, I finally decided to dash into the bathroom with what I had to get dressed.


“Are you done yet?” I knocked on the bedroom door a few times getting no answer. “Its already ten thirty, we have to meet Michelle”

“She said she was coming to meet us,” I heard a muffled voice say as the door moved as a knock echoed from it. I ran over before swinging it open spotting my mom and Connie.

“Okay Alex I’ve been trying to like keep this a secret but….where’s Mitchie?”

“Getting dressed”


“Oh we were going to a show tonight”


“Is there any other way?”

“Look sweetie, sit”

“Mom you didn’t tell her did you?”

“Tell me what? All I’ve been hearing is that there was something I needed to know, I’m here…… so spill,” Connie said as I took in Mitchie’s appearance. She had on skinny jeans similar to mine with a creamed color shirt. I stuck my finger near my mouth to make a gagging motion before she rolled her eyes.

“Um that we met a new friend and that we were going out with her tonight,” I stared at my mom before narrowing my eyes at her. She shrugged her shoulders before Michelle appeared in the door.

“Sorry I’m late, are you guys ready?” she asked as I nodded and reached for Mitchie’s hand before pulling her out of the room. Connie watched us leave as my mom stood confused, I don’t know why she didn’t stop me. She usually did, but with this good luck, I wasn’t going to ruin it.


This is how I felt through the entire movie. My legs burned, my face was steaming with small stupid sweat beads and I bet my hands were moist as well. Mitchie and I were sitting next to each other but so was I and Michelle. Awesome make me the middle girl. I gulped a few times, and the only reason I’m mentioning them is because they were loud. I only knew that when Mitchie stared at me before grinning a bit while her straw was in her mouth. Her eyes sparkling blue from the screen and one of her hands sat on mine. As for Michelle, she had her foot touching the back of my pants leg, she had her legs folded of course. Mitchie couldn’t see her and every time I move my leg she would find a way to find it and place her foot back in the same spot. Michelle would often grab my shoulder at some parts of the movie and place her head into my neck, I swear I could hear her breathing in my scent. Mitchie on the other hand decided to wrap one arm between mine and do everything one handed from the middle to the end of the movie. This was hell, I didn’t like Michelle, but of course Mitchie thought I did, I suppose since her glare scared the crap out of me. She finally leaned over to whisper in my ear during a mass murder scene, loud music blaring, people on screen dying and screaming, and a loud overuse of foot steps and slashing sounds.

“Why is she holding onto you?”

“Mitchie she’s scared I guess”

“So, you don’t even know her”

“You invited her”

“But I didn’t want her touching you”

“Fine, change seats,” I said as she nodded and pulled away from me, I stared at Michelle who’s green eyes met mine. Her smile grew ten times I swear as I stood up and let Mitchie switch with me. We were in the far back row so we didn’t bother anyone, but Michelle didn’t look too happy. Mitchie crawled back into my arm, her feet pushed up into the chair and her head on my shoulder. Michelle didn’t watch the movie after that, she just stared at me, more like a deathly glare I suppose, never blinking, scaring the shit out of me because with the added movie music, if someone touched me I’d jump or pass out.


After the movie was over the walk back to the ship was quiet for half of the way. The horn on the boat blew which meant we only had ten minutes before the steps were closed off for the night, it was near two and Mitchie and I were tired, but Michelle seemed chipper.

“Hey how about we stay out all night, we could go to a club or something,” she said before Mitchie stared at her.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea, besides we’re under age,” I answered as Michelle waved her hand.

“So am I but…look this is a private island, we can just say our stuff is on the ship and besides who are they to tell us we’re not adults?”

“No thanks”

“Oh come on Alex, out of the two of you I really thought you’d do something fun,” I turned to Mitchie who crossed her arms and brushed her hair behind her ear.

“We can stay out all night, and I mean just because we’re in a club doesn’t mean we have to drink,” Mitchie answered before holding my hand, I pulled away.

“What? Okay usually I’m the one to go along with stuff but I’m already tired and hello, our moms will kill us,”

“Please Alex, I mean I can’t stay out without you,” her eyes were pulling me in again, flashing before she stepped into me.

“If we get into trouble, or possibly go to, whatever jail they made on this island I’m blaming everything on you,” I said as Mitchie pressed her lips against my cheek before placing her arm around my back.

“Okay, so where’s the club?


Michelle was practically drunk around four, my eyes were heavy and hurting bad. Every time I blinked I swear I was going to fall out.

“Alex these guys bought me a drink, want some,” Mitchie placed the stuff in front of me before I eyed her and snatched it before smelling it. “Don’t worry its virgin,” she said before sitting next to me. The olive was the first thing to go before she began sipping away at the stuff.

“How are we suppose to get Michelle back on the boat like that?” I pointed to the girl who popped up by hearing her name.

“Psh, I can handle more drinks then this,…but not that I will,” she sounded pretty okay to me, but then again she looked drunk as hell. Mitchie’s head dropped over my way before her hand went up to massage it.

“Mitch you okay?” I asked as she placed her hand out to touch my face, she failed miserable knocking her hand against my soda can on the table. I stared over at the guys she said gave her the drink and they were staring at her, not like a oh my god what’s up with her way, but like hell yeah she’s gonna’ fall over, lets get her way. Or maybe that’s how my mind took it.

“I feel…sick,” Mitchie said as I grabbed her arms before she tumbled from her chair. A guy that was sitting at the table walked over. He was at least six feet, way taller than all of us. His hair was jet black, his eyes brown and fair skin.

“You know I can help her out, just sit her in a booth back there, you and your friend can chill and we’ll look after her,” after hearing his voice I knew he drugged her.

“No thanks”

“Oh come on, have fun,” he reached for her as I pulled Mitchie back to me, it was a bit hard considering that she was barley standing and nothing was coming from her. “I won’t hurt your friend”

“I’m her girlfriend, so BACK OFF,” I screamed as he looked me up and down before walking away. Michelle was trying to follow after him but I reached over the table and grabbed her arm, she fell back into her chair giggling.

“This is exactly what you get Alex, you take your girlfriend to a club and someone drugs her up, awesome,” I said trying my best to make Mitchie stand. Her eyes were closed before another guy walked over to us.

“I don’t need help,” I said before staring at the guy who was eyeing Mitchie when we first got on the ship and me at Dinner.

“You sure you don’t need help?”

“Um, yeah, can you grab the blonde and take her to that booth?” I asked as he smiled and nodded before walking with me to place the girl’s down.

“You know, I never saw you girls as drinkers”

“Oh we’re not, her drink was a virgin one or so she thought, I shouldn’t of let her guzzle the thing down,” I sat on one end of the booth, him on the other and Mitchie and Michelle laid in the middle.

“And what about her?”

“She’s an idiot who I actually listened to,” I said as he laughed.


“I remember, Alex,” we accepted hands before shaking as I sighed.

“So you got locked off the boat too huh?”

“Well not really. Genius right there wanted to stay out all night, and well I let her..” I said pointing to Michelle before Mitchie..” talk me into it.”

“Oh, yeah friends…I mean girlfriends can do that sometimes”

“Sorry about yelling at you”

“No biggie, I still think you’re cute, too bad I don’t have a chance though,” he laughed again, showing his pearly whites before a waitress walked over.

“ID’S,” she said as Derrick pulled out his and smiled at her. “And them?”

“Oh I work on the boat, we got locked off and this place is the only one open”

“You can’t stay without ordering then sweetie”

“Um okay,” he turned to me. “What will it be?”

“I’m really not….um hot wings”

“Okay hot wings for the lady and a large plate of cheese fries, oh and some root bear,” Derrick said as the woman nodded and walked away.

“So who’s paying, I’m broke”

“Don’t worry its free, I work on the ship so its free”

“Wow, I need a deal like that. Okay so umm should I freak out that she’s not responding to me?”

“Umm, I’ll get something for that”

“What will it be?”

“You don’t want to know, but I promise you it won’t be whatever those jerks gave her,” I heard him say before leaving. I don’t know why I trusted him but I did.


Mitchie was still a bit loop around six in the morning, my eyes were extremely heavy and Michelle was still passed out.

“So you need a ride back to the ship?”

“Yes please,” I said as Derrick nodded and lifted Michelle before I helped Mitchie and we strolled outside. “Wow a ship truck”

“Yeah, its actually fun to race when no one is on the streets, maybe later on I can take you for a ride”

“I would like to, but I have a feeling I’m going to be grounded”

“What makes you say that?”

“THEM!” I pointed up to the ship seeing my mom and Connie on desk staring out into the distance.

“I have a plan to get you guys on without getting caught”

“Okay but we can drop Michelle off at the lost and found, I’m sure the guards will help her to her room,” I said as Derrick laughed before driving off.


We managed to get back to our room without spotting the mom patrol, Michelle was in hers escorted by the ship team and I placed Mitchie into bed before laying down myself. I knew our parents would be in soon to kill us, but until then, I drifted off to sleep in record time.

I’m thinking about other stuff they can do on the ship. I’ll make the next chapter hopefully all Alex and Mitchie like since, spoiler: they WILL be grounded. Anyway any suggestions are welcomes and PLEASE REVIEW, you guys are awesome…once again I HATE MISTAKES.



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